Where do you go at the airport?

Those who arrive in Madagascar for the first time should follow the others over the landing field to the airport building. There, one has to sort oneself in the right way: Those who already have a visa have to queue at the “Avec visa” queue for their entry stamp. Those who do not have a visa yet have to buy one directly at the airport and therefore join the “Non Visa” queue. The latter leads first to a counter where the visa fee is paid and then to the actual counter where the visa is issued. Don’t worry, it’s all very simple and self-explanatory.

Antrag für's Visum
The little paper you have to fill out before entering the country

For all visas, one gets either directly at the airport Ivato (Antananarivo) or already at the transfer airport before a multi-page paper that has to be filled out by the traveler. Information such as planned length of stay, occupation, and home address is required. This small visa application form is handed in at the airport Ivato in Tana at the corresponding counter. The address of the planned accommodation in Antananarivo is information that one should inform oneself about in advance of the trip. Travelers simply use the first hotel in which they will stay.

Visas for 30, 60, or 90 days stay

A visa for a maximum stay of 30 days was free of charge in Madagascar until 2015 inclusive. Since 2016, the visa costs 80,000 Ariary (about 25 €) for up to 30 days. You can get it at the visa counter at Ivato airport in Antananarivo upon entry.

Visas for longer stays or business trips must be applied for at the Malagasy consulate in the traveler’s home country before arrival. For this purpose, the completed form (available for download here) of the visa application including passport, one copy of the passport, a copy of the flight ticket, two passport photos, and the visa fee must be sent to the consulate and the passport with a registered valid visa for the desired travel period returned. The visa for a stay of up to 60 days costs 100,000 Ariary (about 30-35 €), the visa for a stay of up to 90 days costs 140,000 Ariary (about 45 €). If it is no longer possible to send the documents to the consulate due to time constraints, 60 and 90-day visas can also be purchased directly at Ivato Airport. Since November 2018, however, only the 60-day visa has been available on site, and the issue of the 90-day visa has been suspended.

Service sanitaire

With the small paper that one must fill out for a visa, one receives a very small note on which “Service sanitaire” is written. This is about the introduction of diseases like yellow fever, which does not yet exist in Madagascar. Sporadically, temperature controls are also carried out at Ivato airport. You hand in this note at the same counter where you pay your visa.

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