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People and tribes

Pierrot Men and his photographic studio

Pierrot Men

Most people in Madagascar might already know Pierrot Men: For more than 40 years, he heas been the most popular photographer of the island. Especially his many black and white pictures from the lives of his countrymen stay in their memory and touch people all around the world. Pierrot was born in 1954 as Chan Hong Men Pierrot in Midongy …

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The sapphire rush

Ein Saphir?

It all began in a small hut village of the Bara tribe in south Madagascar: Ilakaka. In the middle of the 90ies, the village counted less than one hundred inhabitants, and nothing militated for anything to change it. Ilakaka lies in a flat, hot plain between Ihosy and Toliara (in French Tuléar) along a river identically named. Thereby it is …

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Tribes of Madagascar


Malagasy people consist of 18 ethnical groups, which partially differ widely in appearance, traditions and beliefs from each other. Though statistically 50% of Malgasy people are Christians, most still live in old traditions with their own beliefs and legends. On this site we want to introduce you to the Malagasy people, their origins and lifestyles by and by. Every tribe …

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The last nomads

Madagassar has many different tribes, and mostly still today live their ancient way of life, between old traditions and for centuries deep-rooted faith. But nowadays, a small group of Malagasy people lives even more pristine, more close to nature and to their ancestors’ life: The Mikea, the last nomads of Madagascar. This small tribe of barely 1000 people has its …

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