The embassies and consulates represent Madagascar on other continents throughout the whole world. There you get Visa for staying more than 30 days in Madagascar, they also care for all other issues concerning the red island in foreign countries. This page shows you the contact information and addresses of Malagasy embassies and consulates in several countries of Europe, the United States of America, and several other countries. Within the last decade, numerous Malagasy consulates worldwide have been closed, e.g. those in New York (USA), Brussels (Belgium) and several other European countries. For embassies in Germany and Switzerland, please switch the language of this page to German.

Embassy of the Republic of Madagascar, Washington D.C. (USA)

Jocelyn Radifera
2374 Massachusetts Avenue N.W.
Washington, D.C. 20008
Tel.: 0001 202 265 5525
Fax: 0001 202 265 3034

Honorary Consulate of the Republic of Madagascar, Solana Beach (USA)

3830 Valley Center Drive #705-546
San Diego, California 92139

Embassy of the Republic of Madagascar, Ottawa (Canada)

Ambassador S.E.M. Constant Horace
03, St Raymond
Ottawa, Ontario K2R 1A3
Tel.: 0001 6135 670505
Fax: 0001 6135 672882

Embassy of the Republic of Madagascar, Paris (France)

Ambassador Olivier Hugues Rija Rajohnson
4 Avenue Raphaël
75016 Paris
Tel.: 0033 145 046211
Fax: 0033 145 035870


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