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If you want to travel in Madagascan cities without a motor, it’s best to take a Pousse-Pousse. These are rickshaws made of colourfully painted wood, which are either pulled by a man on foot or on a bicycle (Cyclo-Pousse). In Malagasy, the vehicle’s name is posy posy, but this is only the Madagascan spelling of the French word. Translated, it …


Renault 4 – The Malagasy Taxi

Everywhere in Madagascar’s towns and villages they travel as normal taxis: the Renault 4s. Elsewhere one sees them at most still as well maintained classic cars on exhibitions or in lover garages, on Madagascar however they belong to the completely normal street scene. But why the R4? As early as the end of the 1950s Renault wanted to plan a …


Is it safe to travel in Madagascar?

For the latest information on the coronavirus pandemic situation in Madagascar, see this article. Is it safe to travel Madagascar? Large cities such as Ambilobe, Antananarivo, or Ambanja, in particular, have to contend with increased crime due to a great deal of poverty and a high population density. This is not a new development but has been the case for …



The embassies and consulates represent Madagascar on other continents throughout the whole world. There you get Visa for staying more than 30 days in Madagascar, they also care for all other issues concerning the red island in foreign countries. This page shows you the contact information and addresses of Malagasy embassies and consulates in several countries of Europe, the United …