Lisy Art Gallery

Madagascar touches most travelers on their first trip. And of course, almost everyone wants to take home a souvenir or two from the red island. The Lisy Art Gallery offers a very good opportunity to do so. It has been located in the east of the capital Antananarivo since 1990. Despite its far less convenient location than the handcrafts market near the airport, it is worth a trip, especially if you don’t want to wander for hours over Madagascar’s chaotic markets.

The Lisy Art Gallery consists of several houses along the Rue Antanimora, and offers an abundance of high-quality souvenirs in a clean, inviting ambiance on more than 500 m². Here you can find a very large selection of souvenirs in a small space, and you don’t have to watch out for street vendors or pickpockets. The prices are very reasonable, but they are not negotiated.

Lisy Art Gallery
The courtyard

Finely assorted shelves offer raffia boxes, raffia bags, woodcarvings, tin cars, jewelry, watches, masks, and paintings. A separate room offers scented and massage oils, soaps, jams and honey, chocolate and other Madagascan sweets, rum in various sets and a selection of books and postcards. In a small courtyard, you can relax after shopping and refresh yourself with drinks in the shade. Almost everything offered here has been produced in Madagascar. Even hand sewn Malagasy plush lemurs can be bought at Lisy.

If you haven’t found what you are looking for at Lisy Art Gallery, you can take a look across the street in the associated shops Espace Lisy or the neighboring boutiques Talenta and Chez Bemiray. From clothes to shoes to metal decor – really everyone should find what they are looking for. Ideal for the conclusion of a Madagascar trip!

The Lisy Art Gallery is open from Monday to Saturday from 8 am to 6 pm. If possible, avoid the rush hours for a visit, as the traffic jam in Antananarivo is then almost impenetrable.

Rue V.V.S. Antanimora
(Route de Mausolée)
Antananarivo 101

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