Ankify is a small village on Madagascar’s northwest coast, about 30 km west of Ambanja in the Diana region. It is easy to reach from Ambanja via paved roads and a gravel slope (45 minutes drive). Ankify is the ideal place to relax, let your soul take a break and enjoy the beautiful nature. Well-equipped hotels and lodges offer excellent accommodation and are usually located directly on the sandy beach. The sea is warm and invites you to swim and snorkel.

If you don’t want to get a tan under the coconuts on the beach, you can hike to the surrounding settlements, to the neighbouring small mountains, into the mangroves or directly along the beach. Travellers who want to observe animals are also right here: from frogs and chameleons to geckos there is a lot to observe in Ankify. Every now and then even black lemurs come from the mountains to plunder the mango trees. Boats run daily from the small ferry port in Doany to the surrounding islands. Ankify is therefore often the starting point for visits to Nosy Be, Nosy Tanikely or Nosy Komba. The larger islands offer diving schools with the possibility of diving with oxygen tanks.

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