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The lighthouse of Nosy Nato

Leuchtturm von Nosy Nato
Inside the lighthouse you can guess its age

Near the southern tip of the paradisiac island Nosy Nato at Madagascar’s east coast, there is small lighthouse. They island’s inhabitants call it “Phare Blévec”. It was built in 1914 under French colonial rule and thus belongs to Madagascar’s oldest lighthouses. The name probably derives from French Bertrand Hercule Blévec, who was commander of the neighbour island St. Marie (Nosy Boraha) in the 1820ies for two times.

Today, the old lighthouse still runs with the original materials from one hundred years ago – and with the aid of two (relatively) new car batteries. It shines every night and guides ships the right way along the coast. During daytime, visitors can climb the stairs of the lighthouse and enjoy the panoramic view over the small island. By the way, you can only walk there – Nosy Nato has neither cars nor motorcycles.

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