The lighthouse of Nosy Nato

Leuchtturm von Nosy Nato
Inside the lighthouse you can guess its age

At the southern tip of the paradise island, Nosy Nato on the east coast of Madagascar lies a small lighthouse, which the islanders call “Phare Blévec”. It was built in 1914 under the French colonial power and is one of the oldest lighthouses of Madagascar. There are only a handful of historical lighthouses in Madagascar. The one on Nosy Tanikely was probably named after the Frenchman Bertrand Hercule Blévec, who was twice commander of the neighbouring island St. Marie (Nosy Boraha) in the 1820s.

Today the old lighthouse is still operated with the original materials from a hundred years ago – and with the help of two new car batteries. It shines every night and shows the ships on the sea the way. During the day, visitors can climb up the seven-meter-high lighthouse and enjoy the panorama over the island. You can only get there on foot – there are no cars or motorbikes on Nosy Nato.

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