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Madagascar’s secret emblem: The zebu


It is Madagascar’s secret emblem: The zebu (Bos taurus inidicus), in Malagasy language omby. You can see them everywhere around the country, about 19 millions live on the red soil of the island. In Madagascar, zebus symbolize power, strength and particularly prosperity. An average zebu tips the scales at 300 to 400 kg – at an shoulder height of approximately …

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Viticulture in Madagascar

In 19th century yet, jesuitcal missionaries and with them their knowledge about viticulture reached the island of Madagascar. In 1802, the botanist André Michaux cultivated vines of the sort “Isabelle” (Vitis labrusca) in the area around Ivondro for the first time – rather more due to curiosity than because of economical reasons. In 1845, the French man Jean Laborde produced …

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The way of chocolate: Growing cocoa

Originally, the cocoa plant (Theobroma cacao, meaning „deities‘ dish“) does not come from Madagascar, but from Southern America. Yet the eighth continent offers best preconditions to cultivate cocoa. Nowadays, Madagascar’s cocoa is deemed one of the most valuable you can get worldwide. Hence small is the crop yield: With an average of 3000 tons per year, Madagascar makes less than …

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From bean to spice – vanilla


Actually, the vanilla plant is an orchid and has been successfully cultivated in Madagascar for almost one century. Although the plant originally comes from Central America, Madagascar is the biggest exporter of Vanilla worldwide today. But until the “queen of spices” arrives in Europe, it is a long way to go. Vanilla grows best in very humid and warm environment. …

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Jungle express

Fianarantsoa is a city touching the RN 7, via which it is well reachable via car. From this city in Madagascar’s central highlands, the “jungle express” runs an old, about 163 km long railway section with its unique diesel locomotive from 1936. The waggons aren not any younger – here you will experience nostalgia and adventures at its best. The …

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