Identification help for Ravenalas

Since 2021, it has been known that there is not just one, but six different species of the Tree of Travelers. But how do they differ? This small identification guide should help to classify them. A complete article about the different Ravenalas and their occurrence can be found here: The Tree of Travelers. Photos will be added soon, until then you can find several differentiation photos in this article.

Species Height Leaf color Leaf number Petiole color Leaf sheath Distribution
R. agatheae 6-10 m dark green 9-22 tricolor: white, green, red > 10 mm, papyrus-like dry, smooth northwest, west
R. blancii 10-15 m dark green 9-16 green uneven, “pitted” appearance highlands
R. grandis 20-30 m bright green 15-30 dark green, yellowish < 10 mm, smooth, partly torn highlands
R. hladikormum 10-15 m dark green 9-18 greenish-yellow > 10 mm, papyrus-like, finely toothed with whitish stripe underneath highlands
R. madagascariensis 6-12 m bright grün 14-26 yellowish-green < 10 mm, not dry, smooth, partly torn entire east coast
 R. menahirana 6-10 m dark green 12-18 dark red > 10 mm,
dark red or brown, dry, forming a coarse, large zigzag line
northeast coast from Mahavelona to Mananara


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