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Travel tips

The best travel season

Nosy Nato

Madagascar has a best travel season for everyone, but it may not be the same time of the year for everyone. It merely depends on what you want to see! If you want to meet Madagascar’s mascots, the lemurs, choose the end of the dry season for your travel. The best time to watch lemur are September and October. Most …

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Mora mora – Take it easy


Hustle and bustle, stress and urgent meetings: Being in Madagascar, you can leave all these sorrows behind. Time counts for nothing outside of towns here. “Mora mora!” is often the first you will hear as a traveler in Madagascar – mostly already at the visa desk. It means as much as “Slowly, slowly” or “Take it easy!”, and concisely reflects …

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Dos and don’ts

Big Mama in Ankify

Dos Respect the local fadys. They are rather important for the Malagasy people and it would be impolite to hurt them. Try to speak or learn some words of the Malagasy language. Salama is an ever-present greeting (in the north Mbola tsara, on the islands of the eastcoast Akoriaby) and Azafady (please, excuse me) and Misaotra (thank you) should be …

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Power & electrictiy

Madagascar’s electricity grid is poorly developed. Only large cities dispose of links to the grid. Main suppliers are JIRAMA, HydElec, HFF (Henri Fraise fils & Cie) and QMM (Rio Tinto QMM), whereas the latter two are only available in Antanananrivo and Tolagnaro (Fort Dauphin). Besides there are some minor providers, which run e.g. small water works or single solar panels. …

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Currency and exchange

Ariary Scheine

Currency Since 2002, you pay with Ariary (MGA) in Madagascar and do not use Franc malgache (FMG) anymore. Similar to European countries, where some people still convert Euro into their old currency, some Madagascan people still write FMG on their price charts. The translation works as follows: 5 FMG = 1 MGA. If you think a price on the street …

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Internet, phone and wifi

Fixed and mobile phone networks The fixed network in Madagascar is increasingly expanding, but still deficient in many areas. Madagascar’s international access code is 00 261. It is followed by a two-digit access code depending on the network of which provider you want to use. Then a two-digit regional code is attached, and the actual five-digit landline number. Mainly Telma …

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Zebu-Charettes im Hochland

Tipping is usual among travelers in Madagascar although a topic that has caused anxiety, too. Mainly, tipping is usual for guides in national parks and reserves and drivers. But porters in hotels or staff on parking lots will be pleased about a small tip – many of these earn their daily salary solely through these works. For day excursions, in …

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