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Fried chicken sticks with rice

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Mofo akoho The Malagasy people love deep-fried food. No matter which meal of the day, be sure you can get something deep-fried on the streets. An especially tasty variation, made by our cook Eric, are these chicken sticks in the deep-fried spicy dough. Of course, the Malagasy way you should prefer to add rice to this meal (here we used …


Zebus skewers with sesame manioc


Brochettes sy mangahazo Brochettes are skewers with very small pieces of zebu meat – this recipe adds sesame manioc. In the evening, you can buy Brochettes in Madagascar in all larger cities from small grills along the streets. A tasty dinner for little money! As metal skewers, people often use bicycle spokes bent in shape. But you can also get …

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