Nosy Nato

Nosy Nato (in French Ile aux Nattes) is a small island of dreams south of St. Marie (Nosy Boraha). In fifteen minutes, you can drive there via pirogue from St. Marie. The island is about 8 km long and has some smaller hotels and lots of white beaches under palms. Most time of the year and mainly outside whale season (August and September), you got the beaches all to yourself. The sea is turquoise blue, warm, crystal clear and invites you to swim and snorkel. If you dare to swim further, you can gaze at the coral reef with its many inhabitants, and immerge into the colourful world under the sea. In August, you can watch the humpback whales and their calves right from your bungalow.

The whole year round, Nosy Nato’s weather is warm and comfortable, and absolute quiet surrounds the island – probably that is why it is one of the most beautiful islands of Madagascar. By the way, there are no cars or motorcycles on Nosy Nato, you can only walk there – or use a pirogue. At the southern tip of the island, there is a small lighthouse, and in the middle there is a small village. If you ask a  little around, you will be able to organize delicious barbecues at the beach, with fresh crayfish and fish directly from the sea. By foot, you can walk around Nosy Nato in few hours – but you have to cross the water in some places.

Bottom line: Slurp a coconut and feel like being in paradise with your feet in the sea!

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