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The lighthouse of Nosy Nato

Leuchtturm von Nosy Nato

Near the southern tip of the paradisiac island Nosy Nato at Madagascar’s east coast, there is small lighthouse. They island’s inhabitants call it “Phare Blévec”. It was built in 1914 under French colonial rule and thus belongs to Madagascar’s oldest lighthouses. The name probably derives from French Bertrand Hercule Blévec, who was commander of the neighbour island St. Marie (Nosy …

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Zahamena national park


Zahamena: Zahamena means „red trees“, which hints at a tree species scientifically called Diatum unifoliatum. It occurs only in Zahamena and has a typically reddish-orange coloured bark. Location: Zahamena national park is located in the northeastern highlands of Madagascar, in the region Alaotra-Mangoro. This area is famous for Madagascar’s largest lake, Alaotra, which is about 25 km away from the …

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Zebu sandwich

Zebu Sandwich (4)

This recipe comes from one of Madagascar’s most famous hotels in the eastern highlands and is wonderful for picnics, a quick dinner or even for breakfast. Ingredients for 2 large sandwiches: 500 g beef hip (zebu if you can get it) 1 medium onion 2 tomateos iceberg lettuce some oil 5 tablespoons dark soy sauce 1 tablespoon cane sugar 30 …

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Dos and don’ts

Big Mama in Ankify

Dos Respect the local fadys. They are extremely important to Madagascans and it would be very rude to hurt them. Try to speak or learn a few words of Madagascan. Salama as an omnipresent greeting (in the north: Mbola tsara, on the islands of the east coast Akoriaby) is always welcome, and also Azafady (please, excuse me) and Misaotra (thank …

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