Malagasy recipes

Peanut sauce

Lasosy voanjo This delicious peanut sauce goes well with many Malagasy dishes. Classically, it is served in the southeast of Madagascar together with brochettes, zebu skewers, as street food, and in small restaurants on the roadside. However, you can of course also enjoy chicken skewers or samboza with it. Ingredients: 2 tomatoes 10 tablespoons of oil a small piece of …


Samboza (filled pastries)

Malagasy Samboza are small, triangular pastries filled with meat, vegetables, or cheese. You can get them in many Malagasy restaurants as snacks or in small booths on the street. Mostly, they are served with Sakay or tamarind sauce. You may also use thin Wan Tans (Won ton) wrappers as an alternative to a self-made dough. Ingredients: 500 g minced beef …


Tuna on vegetable salad

Salady amin’ny lamatra sy mais This fresh salad with tuna goes wonderfully with a warm beach day in Madagascar. The recipe comes from the east coast of the island. Tuna is regularly caught fresh by hand there, large trawlers and huge nets are a rarity. The bluefin tuna tastes best. It grows up to 4.5 meters long during its lifetime …


Banana pineapple creme

Tsindrin-tsakafo amin’ny akondro This sweet dessert comes from the vicinity of the port city of Toamasina (Tamatave). It is basically a simple banana pineapple cream. Both fruits can be found on Madagascar especially in the rainy season in abundance on the east coast, where they thrive particularly well due to the humid and warm climate. In Madagascar, both pineapple and …


Peanut Sakay

Sakay sy voanio (2)

Sakay sy voanjo Sakay is the Malagasy name for Habanero-like small chili cultivated only in Madagascar. Normally it is processed in the dried state. The dips prepared with it are extremely hot, which is why we have also included a milder variant made by our team member Dimby from Madagascar in our recipes. In this recipe, the still green Sakay …


Fried chicken sticks with rice and carrot salad

Mofo akoho amin’ny vary sy salady karoty A delicious summer meal is these deep-fried chicken skewers in a dough coating. In Madagascar, rice, the staple food of the Malagasy people, is the preferred accompaniment. Usually, chicken and rice are always served with a small cold salad. We have chosen a Malagasy carrot salad that goes perfectly with the chicken skewers. …


Banana bread

Mofomamy akondro Banana bread is actually a cake that is served often for breakfast in hotels and restaurants in Madagascar. It is a sweet and juicy cake which keeps fresh for days – if you have not eaten it before. In Madagascar, people plant a lot of bananas. The full-grown plant serves as a property line, the bananas serve as …


Zebus skewers with potato and eggplant

Brochettes sy katelesy amin’ny mofo angivy Brochettes are skewers with very small pieces of zebu meat on them. You can buy brochettes in Madagascar in all major cities at small grills along the street in the evening. A portion of delicious street food for very little money! As skewers, not infrequently bent bicycle spokes are used. Brochettes are also available …


Coconut chicken with rice

Akoho sy voanio

Akoho sy voanio This recipe for coconut chicken is also called Poulet coco in Madagascar. It may consist of simple ingredients, but we swear tastes great. Chicken is – just like beef, in Madagascar zebu – part of many Malagasy dishes. Ingredients for 2 persons: 250 g chicken breast 1 large onion 1 garlic clove 5 tomatoes A little piece …


Overturned pineapple cake

Mofomamy mananasy Mofomamy means as much as “sweet bread” or “sweet dough”, here it means a pineapple cake. Pineapples are available almost everywhere in Madagascar, mostly fresh from the field. They taste much sweeter in the tropics than in Europe, but you can trick it a bit and use the sweeter baby pineapples for the cake. The rum we recommend …

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