Malagasy recipes

Banana pineapple creme

Bananen Ananas Creme (1)

Tsindrin-tsakafo amin’ny akondro This sweet dessert comes from the vicinity of the port city of Toamasina (Tamatave). It is basically a simple banana-pineapple cream. Both fruits can be found on Madagascar especially in the rainy season in abundance on the east coast, where they thrive particularly well due to the humid and warm climate. In Madagascar, both pineapple and bananas …


Pepper meat with rice


Hen’omby sy saosy dipoavatra Madagascan pepper is famous throughout the world for its quality and special flavor. In this recipe for beef (in best case zebu) with pepper sauce, you exclusively use Madagascan pepper:  Prickled green pepper, dried black pepper and if you like it particularly tasty, you should add a little wild pepper (in Malagasy voatsyperyfery). The wild pepper …


Peanut Sakay

Sakay sy voanio (2)

Sakay sy voanjo Sakay is the Malagasy name for Habanero-like small chili cultivated only in Madagascar. Normally it is processed in the dried state. The dips prepared with it are extremely hot, which is why we have also included a milder variant made by our team member Dimby from Madagascar in our recipes. In this recipe, the still green Sakay …


Fried chicken sticks with rice

Hähnchensticks (1)

Mofo akoho The Malagasy people love deep-fried food. No matter which meal of the day, be sure you can get something deep-fried on the streets. An especially tasty variation, made by our cook Eric, are these chicken sticks in the deep-fried spicy dough. Of course, the Malagasy way you should prefer to add rice to this meal (here we used …


Banana bread


Mofomamy akondro Banana bread is actually a cake that is served often for breakfast in hotels and restaurants in Madagascar. It is a sweet and juicy cake which keeps fresh for days – if you have not eaten it before. In Madagascar, people plant a lot of bananas. The full-grown plant serves as a property line, the bananas serve as …


Zebus skewers with sesame manioc


Brochettes sy mangahazo Brochettes are skewers with very small pieces of zebu meat – this recipe adds sesame manioc. In the evening, you can buy Brochettes in Madagascar in all larger cities from small grills along the streets. A tasty dinner for little money! As metal skewers, people often use bicycle spokes bent in shape. But you can also get …


Overturned pineapple cake

Mofomamy mananasy

Mofomamy mananasy Mofomamy is the Malagasy word for “sweet bread” or “sweet dough”, but it means an upside-down pineapple cake in this case. In Madagascar, you can get pineapples everywhere, usually fresh from the field. They taste far sweeter in the tropics, but you can trick by using sweeter baby pineapples in Europe. For the rum, we recommend to use …


Where to get the ingredients?

Since the average supermarket in Europe rarely has banana leaves or manioc tubers, we have made a list of links where to buy all these ingredients. If you have an Asia store nearby, you will surely find most of the ingredients there. Banana leaves You can order single banana leaves here or here cooled. Other stores offer them even in …


Koba akondro

Koba akondro

Koba akondro is a thick cake made of bananas, rice flour and peanuts. In Madagascar, you can buy it as snack in train and trucker stations, folded in banana leaves. The big brother of Koba akondro is Koba ravina, a cake made only of rice flour, sugar and peanuts. It looks very similar inside, but is usually cut in large …


Coconut chicken with rice

Akoho sy voanio

Akoho sy voanio This recipe for coconut chicken is also called Poulet coco in Madagascar. It may consist of simple ingredients, but we swear tastes great. Chicken is – just like beef, in Madagascar zebu – part of many Malagasy dishes. Ingredients for 2 persons: 250 g chicken breast 1 large onion 1 garlic clove 5 tomatoes A little piece …

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