Banana pineapple creme

Tsindrin-tsakafo amin’ny akondro

This sweet dessert comes from the vicinity of the port city of Toamasina (Tamatave). It is a simple banana pineapple cream. Both fruits can be found in Madagascar especially in the rainy season in abundance on the east coast, where they thrive particularly well due to the humid and warm climate. In Madagascar, both pineapple and bananas taste extremely intense. They grow and ripen directly on the spot and are not harvested unripe to let them artificially ripen. To achieve a similar fruitiness in Europe, you can fall back on smaller “baby pineapples”, flight pineapples, and baby bananas.

  • 125 g very ripe bananas
  • 175 g very ripe pineapple
  • 60 g créme double
  • 1 tablespoon sugar
  • 1/2 vanilla pod
  • a pinch of salt

There you go:

Peel the pineapple – it is particularly ripe when the stalk in the middle is barely distinguishable from the rest of the flesh. To peel, it is best to cut off the stalk and the base, place the pineapple upright on a chopping board and then remove the skin slice by slice. Pour 125 g of pineapple into the blender. Cut the remaining 50 g into very small cubes. Peel the bananas and add 125 g to the pineapple in the blender. Add créme double and mix until soft. Scratch out the pulp of half a vanilla pod and stir into the cream. Stir in a pinch of salt. Add sugar only when needed – the riper the fruit, the less you need.

Prepare the dessert bowls and cover the base with the small pineapple pieces. Fill the bowls with the cream. Bon appétit!

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