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Coconut chicken with rice

Akoho sy voanio

Akoho sy voanio This recipe for coconut chicken is also called Poulet coco in Madagascar. It may consist of simple ingredients, but we swear tastes great. Chicken is – just like beef, in Madagascar zebu – part of many Malagasy dishes. Ingredients for 2 persons: 250 g chicken breast 1 large onion 1 garlic clove 5 tomatoes A little piece …


Tomato salad


Lasary Voatabia The name of this recipe is the Malagasy term for tomato salad. In Madagascar, you get this tomato salad in a small bowl as side-dish to many main courses, such as Romazava or Poulet au coco. Many travelers know it under its French name Rougail, Rogay or Rougaille tomates. Ingredients: 4 large tomatoes 1/2 large onion 1/2 bunch …

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