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Vaovao – Was gibt’s Neues auf Madagaskar?


Title: Vaovao – Was gibt’s Neues auf Madagaskar? Author: Georg Jaster Year published: 2017 Cover: Hardcover Pages: 232 Publisher: Tredition Price: 20,80 € ISBN: 978-3-7439-2656-1 [yasr_overall_rating] We are sorry, but this book is only available in German language yet.


Dos and don’ts in Madagascar

Big Mama in Ankify

Dos Respect the local fadys. They are extremely important to Madagascans and it would be very rude to hurt them. Try to speak or learn a few words of Madagascan. Salama as an omnipresent greeting (in the north: Mbola tsara, on the islands of the east coast Akoriaby) is always welcome, and also Azafady (please, excuse me) and Misaotra (thank …