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National Parks & reserves

Protected area Anjozorobe-Angavo


Anjozorobe-Angavo: The name probbably derives from Malagasy „zozoro“ which means a special kind of reed in this area. According to the legend these reeds were used as shelters by the “Menalamba” who fought for Madagascar’s independence under the colonial power. Location: The protected area Anjozorobe-Angavo is located 90 km northeast of the capital Antananarivo in Madagascar’s highlands. A major parts …

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Arboretum Antsokay


Antsokay: The name means as much as “lime” and points to the typical loam and lime containing soil of the area. Around Arboretum, people make bricks from this kind of soil. Location: The Arboretum Antsokay is located in southwestern Madagascar in the region of Atsimo-Andrefana. It is only 12 kilometers away from one of the largest cities of the south, …

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Kirindy reserve

Kirindy jumping rat

Kirindy: The word Kirindy means as much as „dense forest with wild animals“. Due to the more south located national park Kirindy-Mitea, the reserve is also known as “Kirindy Nord”. From former times it has the name “La forêt des Suisses”, the Swiss people’s forest. Location: Kirindy forest is located in western Madagascar in Menabe region. From the capital of …

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Park Tsarasaotra

In the middle of Madagascar’s capital, Antananarivo, there is a small green oasis in the north of the town. It is known under its name Tsarasaotra (translated „a good place to live“) or simply „Ile aux oiseaux“ which means birds‘ island. The area of 0,25 km² size includes lake Alarobia and a second smaller lake and some shore sides. The …

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Frequently asked questions about national parks

Can I visit a national park alone on my own? It is forbidden to visit a national park without local forest guide in Madagascar – the only exception is Lokobe national park in Nosy Be. These guides passed a two years lasting education and are licensed by MNP (Madagascar national parks). People seized without a guide inside a national park …

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Zahamena national park


Zahamena: Zahamena means „red trees“, which hints at a tree species scientifically called Diatum unifoliatum. It occurs only in Zahamena and has a typically reddish-orange coloured bark. Location: Zahamena national park is located in the northeastern highlands of Madagascar, in the region Alaotra-Mangoro. This area is famous for Madagascar’s largest lake, Alaotra, which is about 25 km away from the …

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Mitsinjo reserve

Mitsinjo: Mitsinjo means as much as “looking ahead” or “planning the future”. Location: The reserve is located close to the village Andasibe in eastern Madagascar, around 140 km away from the capital Antananarivo, in the region Alaotra-Mangoro. You drive approximately four hours on RN2, which is not in the best condition, and then change direction at a well signed junction. …

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Nosy Hara national park

Nosy Hara

Nosy Hara: The name of this national park means as much as “mountainous island”,  “hara” comes from Malagasy “harana” which stands for mountains. It refers to the needle stone formations that form the characteristic face of Nosy Hara. The island belongs to an archipelago of twelve uninhabited islands, which are surrounded by coral reefs. Location: Nosy Hara island lays inside …

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V.O.I.M.M.A. reserve

V.O.I.M.M.A: The letter sequence is an abbreviation for Vondron’olona miaro mitia ala, in English „Local people love the forest“. Lage: Andasibe is located about 130 km away from the capital Antananarivo and one of the major attractions for travelers in Madagascar due to its national park Andasibe-Mantadia. By car you can reach the village in approximately four hours. V.O.I.M.M.A. is …

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Nosy Mangabe

Nosy Mangabe: The Malagasy words “manga be” means as much as “very beautiful” (which the island is, no doubt) as well as “very blue” or “a lot of mangos”. Location: Nosy Mangabe is the island of your dreams, laying few kilometres southeast of Maroantsetra in Antongil Bay. You can reach the island via motorboat from Maroantsetra in less than one …

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