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West Madagascar

Kirindy reserve

Kirindy jumping rat

Kirindy: The word Kirindy means as much as „dense forest with wild animals“. Due to the more south located national park Kirindy-Mitea, the reserve is also known as “Kirindy Nord”. From former times it has the name “La forêt des Suisses”, the Swiss people’s forest. Location: Kirindy forest is located in western Madagascar in Menabe region. From the capital of …

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Avenue of Baobabs

The legendary Avenue of Baobabs is located on the road (or let’s better say the dusty slope) between Morondava and Belo sur Tsiribina in west Madagascar. It is in the province of Menabe. Everywhere along the road between those two cities, you can find the impressive Baobab trees, only a small part of 250 metres length is known as “Avenue …

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Ankarafantsika national park


Ankarafantsika: The word itself means something like “thorny mountains”, which aims at the famous canyon of the park. Besides this, Ankarafantsika is called “the kingdom of birds“, because it offers various great possibilities to spot endemic birds. Location: Ankarafantsika national park is located in Northwestern Madagascar in Ambato Boeny region. It’s 420 km north of Antananarivo, the capital, as well …

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The old Baobab of Mahajanga

Baobab von Mahajanga

Mahajanga (earlier Majunga in French) is the capital of the identically named province in northwest Madagascar and one of the biggest city with more than 250.000 inhabitants. It is located right at the entry of Bombetoka bay. Directly at the coast, only few metres away from the sea, there stays the oldest Baobab of Madagascar. Legend has it, that the …

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Driving the river of Tsiribinha

Tsiribinha is a quiet river, which flows from northeastern Madagascar to the South and then enters the Mozambique channel south of Morondava. It gets its red colour by the same-named sand which is brought by the stream. You can do beautiful trips via pirgoues from Miandrivazo, a small town approximately 200 km west of Antsirabe, to Antsiraraka or Morondava. The …

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Tsingy de Bemaraha National Park

Tsingy de Bemaraha: „Mitsingytsingyna“is the Malagasy expression for “to tiptoe” and gives name to the needle sharp stones, which represent this national park. Those needlestone massivs, which can get as high as 30 m and taper to their top are an impressing, unique natural spectacle. Under these, a labyrinthine cave system with mangroves and small lakes takes its place. Location: …

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