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Health and safety

Traveler first-aid kit

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You should not miss to take a small first-aid kit for travelers with you to Madagascar. Many places lack doctors and hospitals, and mainly also health education. We cannot recommend to look for a doctor in small villages – often enough, you will not even find one. In large cities such as Antananarivo, there are hospitals with European standards, and …

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Health prevention

Preparation at home To enjoy your travel, you should visit a competent travel medicine clinic or institute for tropical diseases beforehand. They can advise you individually in details the best way. Medication e.g. for malaria prophylaxis are only available by prescription, and some can have undesirable side effects. So please do not try your medication in Madagascar for the first …

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Is traveling Madagascar safe?

Is traveling Madagascar safe? Most notably big cities like Ambilobe, Antananarivo or Ambanja fight against increasing crime rates due to high population density and desperate poverty. This is no new development, but has been ongoing for years. In these congested areas, it is basically not recommended to be on the road after sundown or to walk around alone at daytime …

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