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The sky blue reed frog

Heterixalus madagascariensis

An especially pretty frog is the blue reed frog (Heterixalus madagascariensis) or Madagascar reed frog: There are yellow and sky blue variations, with yellow or orange arms, legs, hands and feet. In the sun, they often become almost white. Literature mentioned the sky blue frog for the first time in 1841: The French zoologist André Duméril and his assistant, Gabriel …

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The tomato frog


In 1875, a bright red, plumpy frog fell into the hands of French naturalist Alfred Grandidier during one of his many expeditions to Madagascar. A compatriot, who had settled as salesman at the eastcoast, was the one who had brought the frog: A certain Mister Guinet. The well-traveled Grandidier took the animal of this still unknown species to France and …

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Guibé’s mantella

Mantella nigricans

You think poison dart frogs exist only at the Amazon? You are miles out! Madagascar has amphibians very similar to those, the Mantellas or coloured frogs. Like poison dart frogs, Mantella frogs produce a poison secreted via their skin, but it is completely harmless for human beings. Genetically, the Madagascan Mantellas are not related to poison dart frogs. Mantella frogs …

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Against the tide: A climbing Mantella

Mantella laevigata

Actually, Madagascan Mantellae all look very similar: Striking colours, small and slender, terrestrial frogs. But one steps out the line: The climbing Mantella (Mantella laevigata). This Mantella was described in 1913 by British zoologists Paul Ashleyford Methuen and John Hewitt, who did a seven months lasting expedition to Madagascar two years ago. The climbing Mantella grows up to maximally 29 …

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The not really fire-red frog

The thick, mystic rainforests of Madagascar are home to countless endemic (which means only here occuring) animals. Among them, there’s an especially colourful representative of the skeleton frogs (called like this due to their partially translucent body), a frog with the scientific name Boophis pyrrhus (from greek pyrrhos = fire-red). You can find him at the eastcoast as well as …

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Amphibians in general

Especially Madagascar’s rainforests offer an abundance oft various frogs and toads to watch and discover. Nearly 4 % of worldwilde amphibian fauna is situated at the island. Particularly in the rainy areas between Andasibe and Ranomafana you can find countless different species in the smallest spaces. During rainy season, the courting males’ croaking, chirping and twittering can be heard over …

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